Good news!

So, in case you haven't already heard...

no, I'm not pregnant.

I'm the newest supervisor at Allen's! It's cool, cause I got a pretty hefty raise, and I wont have to live in a checkstand all day. I have a ton of stuff to learn, but I'm excited for it. And I have to say that we have some of the best customers at our store. Sure, we've had some interesting experiences (see also Listerine Man) but for the most part, our customers are pretty neat. I was showered with compliments about how I'll make a great supervisor and was even told by some that they were proud of me. :) [Now don't think I was gloating, telling every person who came by; most just happened to overhear me talking with other checkers and wanted to know the news.]

It's also now a requirement for me to have a car at work (at least most days), so I don't have to ride my bike anymore. Not sure what Nate's going to do, because I don't really like the idea of him riding home after dark every day, but he might be able to quit his crappy job now anyway. He was hired to work in a science lab at BYU, so once his professor actually has a consistent amount of hours for him to work, he'll quit BB.

Nate was finally able to take a day off and go get some mountain biking in- he's in Virgin, UT right now with a bunch of buddies, while I sit bored at home waiting to go to work (downside of being the lowest supervisor on the totem pole- I have to close a LOT).

Overall, school and work are going well for both of us, and life is good. If only something as exciting as the Listerine man would happen again, to liven things up a bit...

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The Clingo Family said...

congratulations again!! :)

call me if you're ever bored, i don't have a job so i'm just going to be sitting home waiting for this baby to come! haha :)