Hello friends!

These past couple weeks have been good. Nate and I are happy to have one more semester of school under our belts (if 2 classes for me counts as a whole semester) and a little less happy to have snow nearly up to our belts. Ok not really, but for about a week Provo was totally dumped on and there's snow everywhere. Luckily we have 2 cars until Sara gets back from VA, so I've been able to drive myself to work! Thank goodness, or I'd be a Bethsicle. Fortunately, its warmer this week, at a whopping 45 degrees! Who knew I'd ever be happy about that?

Nate celebrated his 22nd birthday on December 24th, and he got lots of fun presents from our families, who spoil us rotten. He got a fancy electric razor (from me), some clothes and gift cards from various people, a vegetarian cookbook, about 4 movies... lots of good Nate stuffs. And of course, we celebrated with large amounts of calzone for dinner. mmmm. We watched Dark Knight and ate lots of sugary sweets.

Then there was Christmas.
I stayed up to an obscene hour making homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and I must say they were quite a success. I only should have started making them earlier.
Because our parents both sent us huge Christmas packages, we actually had quite a stash under our Christmas tree. I think my favorite presents were an awesome pair of gloves from my mom, a massive box of Gushers from my mom (haha!) and a dishrack. I know it sounds pathetic, but when you don't have a dishwasher, a dishrack is a lifesaver. I'm pretty sure Nate's favorite thing was a little robot-bug that was a stocking stuffer. He crawls around and when his antennae hits something, he turns and goes around it- he also stops if you startle him with a loud noise. His name is Fred, and he's awesome. Thanks, RadioShack.
We watched Wall-E after opening presents and feasting on cinnamon rolls, and then we got ready to go to my friend Paul's house for dinner. Meanwhile, Spencer (Nate's brother on his mission in Riverside, CA) called. I think that may actually have been Nate's favorite present.. he can't wait for the next 6 months to go by so he can have his little brother back! June will be an exciting month, with Spencer's return, and Cait having her baby! Hurry up, June!

Paul and Stacy's House.
We hung out and chatted for a bit while the prime rib cooked (mmm) then we feasted. Dinner conversation was mostly centered on Lydia, Paul's 2-year old daughter, who kept demanding more juice. We lied and said there wasn't any left, but she's a smart little cookie and wouldn't have it. So she got more juice. Another highlight was when Allen (another work friend) found out you have to have a Beard Card at BYU in order to have a beard, and he was in shock. "A what!? Are you serious?? No wonder whenever I go bowling out there everyone looks at me funny!" (Allen has more facial hair than your average LDS guy).
Then, while heating up the oven for some homemade custard, it caught on fire due to a grease puddle in the bottom. It was pretty exciting, and we learned that their smoke detector does not work. Good to know. The fire put itself out in just a couple minutes, and eventually the smoke aired out, though we were freezing from the open windows.
We played MarioKart Wii and Scattergories after dinner, where we learned that negroes jump or bounce, and nuns can be found in a park. Ah, what a great game.
Overall, Christmas was a fun, relaxing day. Maybe next year we'll get to be with family.

In other news...
We're thinking about moving again. There's a place we were considering back when we first moved out of Heritage Court, but you have to be on a waiting list and we just wanted out ASAP, so we didn't bother with it. But it's close to my work, and your rent is a percentage of your income. You see, I'm (finally!) going to interview to become a supervisor at the store, and if I get the job AND we get one of those apartments, then Nate can finally quit working at the crappy car place. He'd probably get a part-time campus job to supplement my income a little bit, but he's taking a very full class schedule and wont be able to work as much. But we'd still be able to afford everything with the cheaper rent. And the apartments are really nice and homey, and we're told the ward is great, so that would be really cool. We'll see what happens.


Lauren H. said...
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Lauren H. said...

Oh my... I feel like such a nerd! I wonder who's blog my comment for you ended up on. Guess I'll wait and see!

Anyways, I hope you had a nice Christmas! Brad and I spent it in Utah with his family, so I know how much snow there was! (And you guys have gotten more since I left!) It was my first white Christmas, and it was beautiful... for a week... and then I was glad we were coming back to snow-free California where I can walk outside without fear of slipping every 2 seconds.

Don't freeze going to work! Good luck with school, work, NURSERY, etc!

<3 Lauren