Wet Butt Syndrome

As you all know, I ride my bike to and from both work and school when weather permits. You also know that I am not a big fan of ice or snow. "Riding" or "sliding" your bike across an iced-over patch of sidewalk is not exactly fun, nor is trudging through sludgy slush. So, if I had to choose between snow and rain, I would MUCH rather be out in the rain. Which is why I don't mind that it's been rainy instead of snowy for two days.

For some reason, rain has always made me happy. When we were kids, we'd stomp around in the puddles and play in the mud (barefoot, see photo). We'd stand under the eaves of the house where the water came down in torrents and get drenched to the skin. The best were the warm summer rains, and sometimes even the cold rains, when it was fun to cozy up inside and watch it from the windows. I don't know why, I just like rain.

[Beth & Cait; I'm the cute one with the pink umbrella.]

BUT there is one downside to it.

When I ride my bike through snow, sometimes I stay relatively dry. But riding to school today in the rain left me with a very wet butt for about 3 hours. Yes, I had to walk around campus with a huge wet mark on my hiney, hoping nobody thought I actually had bladder control issues. During an hour-long break between classes, I sat my soggy buns on a padded chair in the library, hoping that it would soak up some of the wetness for me. It did. However, when I got up, I was still damp (underwear felt like it was superglued in place), and there was now a big wet circle on the chair. Nobody's gonna want to sit there for a while!

So, while I was somewhat preoccupied with the wetness of my rear, I was still happy about the rain. I love feeling it on my face, and don't even mind having wet hair. It also made me laugh (out loud) when I texted my husband to inform him of my wet behind, and he replied that his was soaked too. At least I'm not the only one cruisin' campus with a soggy bottom!


Quinn and Ashley said...

I miss you

Krista said...

SO happy to find your blog. :) good luck with the wet bum. :)