The Little Apple

Welcome to Manhattan, Kansas!

It's a teeny little college town cleverly nicknamed the "Little Apple."

While most people tend to think of the state as flat and boring and full of corn, that's  only semi-true. Western Kansas is pretty much all of those things.
But Eastern Kansas is actually quite hilly and beautiful.

Having grown up in San Diego, gone to school in Utah, and spent a short hiatus in the DC area, life out here is quite a bit different than what I'm used to. 

The population is about 55,000, which is about 1/3 the population of my most recent long-term stomping grounds (Provo, Utah).

It's quiet (with the exception of game days).
It's a little behind the times (the radio plays "new" songs from months ago!)
And people drive an average of 5mph below the speed limit. 
[Less if they happen to be driving a tractor.]

It's also super windy! One of the windiest cities in the country.
Sometimes this makes for a bad hair day, and you have to be careful that your car door doesn't blow open and ding the car next to you (true story- but my car was the victim).

But so far, I think I like it. 

Here are some more pictures!

"Aggieville," or downtown Manhattan. Named for the importance of Agriculture out here.
Some building on campus. Founded in 1863, lots of the buildings are super old like this! I think they look awesome.
I just thought this one was pretty.

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