Wednesday Wants: Colored Jeans

So earlier today I thought I'd be all clever and cute like all the bloggers I like and use an alliterative post-title for a weekly theme: Wednesday Wants. My plan was (still is) to share products with you guys that I would love to have! And since I've been coveting everyone with their cool colored jeans lately, that was going to be my first item of choice.

Well, funny story.

I was getting ready to write this post, doing some Pinterest browsing and Facebook stalking- you know the deal- when my friend Kaycie posted an Instagram pic of her sweet new colored jeans! from Old Navy on sale today only!


Ironic, no?
Unfortunately since I live in Teeny-tiny-ville, the closest Old Navy is an hour away. Bummer. But you can bet your [colored-jean-wearing] behind that I got my [not-yet-colored-jean-wearing] behind on their website to get in on this greatness!

Check out these cool colors!

"Tsunami" - Old Navy
"Tobiko Orange" - Old Navy
But... I was really really hoping they would have some colored jeans that weren't skinny jeans.
They look great on a lot of people. Maybe even most people? Maybe even me.

But I bought a pair of [not-colored] skinny jeans once, and while Nate insisted that they looked good, I only wore them a few times before giving them away. It's true- I'm self-conscious about my calves. I don't think they're fat... I just... don't like them. Plus, the pants were tighter on one leg than the other and that was just super awkward. Ha!

But for the same $19.99 sale price they did have some boot-cut jeans, so I got a black pair of those. Behold, my new pants, coming soon!

"Black Jack" - Old Navy

I hope I like them (and that they fit!) I actually would have preferred a good-old jeans color since they didn't have any colored boot cut jeans, but those were all out too. Man, ya snooze ya lose! 

Someday (hopefully before the fun colored-pants trend completely dies), I'll have something awesome like these:

Anthropologie, via Pinterest.

 Someday, my colored-trouser friend. Someday.


KaycieQ said...

Those black ones are way cute! Hope they work out for ya!

Kimberly said...

I love clothes, but hate shopping for them. It is so hard to find stuff I like and fits right!

Found you through through the Gussy Sews blog.