6 Months Old!

Happy half birthday Tommy!!

Yesterday my sweet little baby boy turned 6 months old. Here are some fun facts about him:

Height: 27.5" {84th percentile}
Weight: 18lb, 10oz {71st percentile}
Noggin: 41.5cm {5th percentile}
Still tall and thin with a teeny little brain-case! But growing well month-to-month.

Bababababa, gheeeeee, mmmm, gagaga, and my favorite, "hoo, hoo, hoo."
Ok, not words. But he babbles a lot, especially when he's nomming on a toy. And it's cute. 

Likes pears and apples, is suspicious about bananas, and is not a fan of sweet potatoes (all of which are just like Mama). Going to start stretching his palate more soon!

Army crawling! It used to be sort of a mix between the Worm and a bellyflop, but he's a little more coordinated now. Still doesn't do a traditional "crawl," but he is definitely on the move!

He can also sit up by himself (for a little while), is great at grabbing things, and is already trying to pull up onto the coffee table. Can you say, yikes?

As mentioned before, he now can put himself to sleep. Yay! Still wakes up really early sometimes, but mostly just chatters away happily instead of crying. This is good.

But he does cry and throw a fit when I don't let him have things like the laptop or my phone. Why didn't anyone tell me tantrums start so dang early!? At least they're short-lived.

Favorite Toys:
Mommy's cell phone case (since he can't have the phone), a chewy-twisty-knobby teething ball thing, any shoes he can find, and Daddy's backpack and bike pedals. The fact that only one of those is actually a toy? Irrelevant.

Playing with Daddy. He gets carried upside-down, bounced on the bed, tickled, and held up high in the air. Nate gets the most smiles, squeals, and giggles by far. But that's ok, because hearing them laugh together is music to my ears, and I do get plenty of my own.

Also loves bath time. Hard to say who ends up more wet- Tommy, or the one giving him the bath. Sometimes cries when we take him out because he wants to keep splashing!

Sometimes he drives me crazy
Most of the time we have lots of fun
Already keeps me on my toes 
Always I love him!


Naomi Dorsey said...

he is workin' those shades. and is the cutest 6 month old i have ever seen.

Symantha said...

I LOVE YOUR BABY!! He. is. adorable. I'm happy for y'all! Happy Half-Birthday, little man!

Shaylee Ann said...

Hello, Beth!

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog - you made my day. :) I love your little boy - what an adorable hunk of handsome! I'm following you - thank you again for your sweet words! :)

Shaylee Ann