A Hairy Situation

I know I said I'd write about swimming. I lied. First, I want to show you my new hair!

So, a long time ago I wrote this post about how I wanted this hair: 

but neglected to take a photo with me so I ended up going just uber short (again).

Well, a few weeks back when my mom was here and I was super frustrated with Tommy, I got that itch again. The I-really-want-to-have-a-spunky-cut itch that I get every once in a while, even though I promise Nate to grow it long all the time. I think I needed "hairapy."

So my mom watched Tommy and told me to go get my hair did. I even took the pictures with me.

AND THEN, the girl cutting my hair sort of talked me out of doing it asymmetrically. She said it would be easier to style/tend if it was the same length. And with a 5 month old baby, easy is nice. Plus, she mentioned that they "don't do many short haircuts" 'cause out here in farm-country, girls like their hair long.

Well gee, thanks for giving me confidence that you can create the look I want!

So I didn't do it. Again. 2 1/2 years after I first tried it, I still wanted it, and still didn't get it. How frustrating!

I came back with this:


Ok, it's not that bad, but the problem was that it actually took FOREVER to style, because the hair in the back flipped out in every direction except the way I wanted! Ever try to use a straightener on the back of your short hair? Not very easy. And I don't have that much time to spend on my hair, so this was not going to work. 

So about a week (or was it two?) later, I went to another salon to try it again.

And came back with this:

It's not bad either, but my hair is so thick that it came out too poofy. And apparently Kansas is like Texas- they like big hair. I thought I looked like a mushroom. The short side was too short to stay tucked behind my ear, but also too long to look ...right.

So I did something I'd never done before- I went back to get it re-cut. AGAIN.

Usually I'm not nervous about getting my hair cut into a new style. It grows fast, and I don't mind it being different. But this was now on my fourth attempt to get the stupid Victoria Beckham hair that I've wanted for a long time, and I was nervous!

What if the lady couldn't figure it out?
What if I came out with a half-shaved head?
What if I just can't pull it off?
What if I end up with it all really short again?

But I went anyway, and finally, came out with the haircut I originally wanted. (Actually a touch shorter, but I'm ok with that.) 

So here is my current hair!

The lighting in this pic is gross, but at least you can see the hair. I'm much happier with it.
What do you think?


nōms: said...

you're so brave. i could never cut my hair that short and pull it off as well as you do. i approve!

Symantha said...

I like it! Even better than your second attempt (or third? the one before it haha). And you can totally pull it off!