Hair Regret?

So I  chopped my hair off (again).

This is actually a pretty big issue in our little home, because I know that Nate loves long hair, but whenever mine is long, it lives in a ponytail. It's rare to find a picture of me with ponytail-length hair left falling to my shoulders. Ever since I was a little girl, my hair has been pulled back out of my face.

I figured out that I don't like the feeling of it on my neck. Hence a ponytail or short hair, always.

Nate likes my ponytail about as much as he likes short hair, which is not really at all; and I've been feeling ready for a change from it, so I decided to cut it. If Nate felt the same about my hair either way, why not? He was even sweet about it and consented that I do look good with short hair, and since he knows I wont start wearing it down on a regular basis after 23 years of it pulled back why not just go for it.

So I did, yesterday.

I wanted to try something different. Perhaps be like my big sister Yara, who has had about a million different hairstyles and is great at pulling them off. I look a lot like her, so I figure I can pull off different stuff too.

Not the asymmetrical Victoria Beckham cut, apparently.

The main problem: I didn't have a picture with me to show the stylist. BIG no-no. I always take a picture with me. Unfortunately though, the printer was broken and I didn't want to go all the way to campus to print off a hairstyle that I figured a stylist would be familiar with. And they usually have books with pictures of various styles, so I thought I could find the same or a similar one.

I should have stopped at the broken printer.

I didn't find a picture that was close enough. So I tried to describe what I wanted to the stylist. Didn't work.

The long side looked good (maybe I'll try it again someday when I actually have a picture), but the short side was weird, and just looked awkward. She wasn't getting it. I had been there almost two hours (let's not fail to mention she was slower than mud) when I decided this wasn't working. I could tell she was tired and hoping I would just leave when she said, "Well, if you don't like it, you can always come back."

What?! If I don't like it, I'm not going to leave until I do! Psycho. I'm sorry your stomach is growling, but I'm not leaving with a freaky 'do.

So I told her to chop it all off. It's a style I'm familiar with and know I can pull off. Nate doesn't like super short hair, so even though I've had it like this and liked it in the past, I was pretty disappointed. I told him I wasn't going to do it that way again, and had every intention of keeping that promise. However, it's definitely better than it would have looked with the icky asymmetrical mess.

I have now drastically chopped my hair 4 times, the first being when I was a wee little 8th grader. I have loved it 3 of those times, though I've received a variety of reactions from others. (Mostly good, though I know my parents and hubby aren't the biggest fans- sorry guys).

I can't decide how I feel about it this time.

I'm bummed because I feel like I let Nate down.
But I do feel a little bit spunky.
And I know my grandma and parents will hate it.
But it's kind of liberating.

Nate was wonderful about the whole situation. I told him the story and that I was sorry, and he gave me a nice long hug. I didn't cry about my hair- never really seen much purpose, it always grows back- but he was and is being a sweetheart. If you see me and you like my hair, tell me so, because it will make me feel a little better about it. I'll probably post a picture eventually.


brittany+scott said...

My hubby didn't really like when I cut my hair short & my mom got super mad when i dyed my hair once...it's totally funny that their opinions matter on this because it is our hair right?! haha. But anyways, I've always totally thought you could pull of the short hair look & I'm sure it looks way cute!!!! Just rock it girl!

Cait said...

Whatever. I bet you look hot. =)

Sorry that lady was slow though. It sounds like she didn't know what she was doing and its frustrating when you pay someone to do something for you because you can't do it for yourself and it ends up being that maybe YOU would have done it better than her.

I do want to see a picture though, when you feel like it.

Rachel said...

Beth you are amazing and cute no matter the length of your hair. It is your adorable and fun personality that people notice anyway. Love you tons! Nate too, he's a sweetie.

Yara said...

Advice from big sister Yara: Always go to a stylist you know and trust. :-)

Guy said...

Your beauty is measured from your heart, not the length of your hair. ly dad

The Clingo Family said...

I bet it looks great! Now you can pull off the Kate look that I love on you!! :D

Kaycie Q said...

i loooove your short hair! so you have my approval! :]

Bakes. said...

i'm sure it looks fantastic...can't wait to see it!!!

Rebecca said...

Beth, arg, I was feeling the frustration as you were writing! All the hype and phsycological prep.....But I bet it looks great-you could make a dog hair cut look gorgeous! Your post totally made me think twice though, as my family-all of them-are anti-short hair too. But there's a bug in me that wants to just try it!

Emily Hope said...

I like your hair!