Just Keep Swimming...

Picture Post!
Tommy's first time "swimming."

 Two cool dudes.


 Gotta test the water first...


 Tommy is easily distracted.

Mostly I just like my hair in this one.


 Hangin' with Daddy.


Tommy wasn't too sure about the gigantic, cold bathtub at first (especially when Daddy slipped getting in with him! oops!) but he relaxed after a few minutes and had a great time. Especially loved kicking his feet to splash, and playing peek-a-boo with Mommy coming up from underwater.

A note to my cancer-cautious family:
It was overcast and shady and we were only outside for a short time.
Tommy did not get sunburned. Neither did I.


April said...

My favorite is the kisses picture. Seriously, you should get that framed!!

Elisabeth said...

That little shark towel is adorable, and I've definitely been known to like/post pictures solely based on how my hair looks in them :)

Cait said...

I like the kisses picture too! And just FYI, if you do have Tommy out in the sun a long time, its ok to use sunscreen on babies. I learned the hard way with Carmen, better a sunscreened baby than a sunburnt baby! All the warning labels say don't, but he's old enough now that it would be fine to slather him up and keep him outside awhile. But most bebes don't really last in the pool too long anyways, as you have probably just learned. So no one is judging you for NOT putting it on him. He needs his vitamin D anyways! =)

KaycieQ said...

LOVE that shark towel!

Symantha said...

So precious! And your hair really does look great. I'm glad you finally did it!