Baby's Name: TBD

Well, it's probably about time I share our Baby's name! I honestly hesitate to do this a little bit, because I don't want anything to be "set in stone" until he is born. I don't even refer to him by his name yet. I still call him "Baby" more than anything else. What if he's something completely different when he's born? I guess we'll see!

We wanted to use a family name, so we've played with various combinations of Benjamin, Guy, Steven, Reynolds... and then one day I met a little boy named Tommy, and I loved it.

I asked Nate what he thought, and he liked it too. Thomas is a family name on my side, but we hadn't previously considered it at all. But when I imagine a little mini-Nate named Tommy Dorsey running around in a tiny pair of overalls, I can't help but get excited.

Perhaps my only small hesitation about naming him Tommy is that there is (was) another Tommy Dorsey. Luckily, he's famous for being a good musician and not a serial killer or something. I can deal with that. Besides, nobody our Tommy's age will have heard of him!

My favorite name previous to this was Benjamin, but even though I wanted it to, it just didn't seem to stick right. It's Nate's grandpa's name, and the name of one of my favorite and most looked-up-to cousins, so I really wanted to use it.

Well, why not Thomas Benjamin?

Thomas Benjamin Dorsey.
Tommy Dorsey.

So while it's currently still To Be Determined, it's looking like Baby's name will probably always be TBD. And we're ok with that. :)


Krista ... said...

very very cute. i like it a lot :)

MeganandClaudy said...

if you end up going with Tommy I think it's adorable! Anyone with that name is bound to be cute!

Brittany said...

love love love the name!