36 Weeks!

(and a half)

I am officially "9 months pregnant" and have 3.5 weeks to go!

I'm starting to feel more like a blimp, and there is definitely a slight waddle to my walk.

My feet aren't just wider now- they've grown longer, too! I can't fit in any of my shoes anymore! Thank goodness for flip flops, though they totally clash with my church clothes. Hoping my feet will shrink again once this is over, though buying myself all new shoes wouldn't be the worst thing... at least it's warm now so my toes don't freeze!

I have finally gotten stretch marks on my belly! (Not that I wanted them) They are right above my belly button and they're weird.

I snore. Also weird. I did not realize that pregnant women tend to snore. It startles me awake since I'm a light sleeper. Hope it goes away when this is over!

Had an appointment Thursday and everything is looking good! They will start to check to see if I'm dilated this week. Oh boy! ;)

My doc said that once the baby is full term (this Friday, woot!) as long as he's healthy and my cervix is progressing the way it's supposed to, I will have the option of choosing to be induced up to a week early! Crazy stuff. I like this idea because I feel like it would give me more control over which doctor happens to be "on call" when I deliver. However in all honesty, I don't think I want baby to come a whole week early, cause he would be too close to my own birthday and his Uncle Spencer's! I like keeping birthdays separate. I'm thinking about just "choosing" his due date if he doesn't come by then on his own. April 6th works for me (but ask me again in 3 weeks!)

I'm a little nervous that my cervix won't dilate. This happened to my mom, so she had to have C-sections with all of us. Hopefully I did not get that fun trait.

This post was going to include a picture of the gargantuan belly, but I have yet to take one. Maybe by the time I'm 37 weeks. I will try to not be so lazy and un-photographable.


Francesca said...

My feet grew longer too and never shrunk back. The widening did though.

I wouldn't recommend being induced. Pitocin is the devil! But many women think it's worth it.

Francesca said...

p.s. Thanks for adding my buttons to your blog! I put your button on my blog too.