34 Weeks: 6 Weeks.

I've spent so much of my pregnant life counting up weeks that it's hard to say when I actually switched to counting them down too. I think it was somewhere around the 30-week mark. And while it feels like hardly any time at all until the child arrives, I know these last few weeks are going to drag. I've had a super easy pregnancy with little-to-no issues, but man, once I hit 30-ish weeks, the change was pretty big. Probably because I'm pretty big. I thought I was huge was back at 20 weeks, and now when I look at that picture I can't believe how small I still was! Anyway, being so rotund has an effect on everything. 

My butt is bigger.
My back aches if I stand or sit or play with the dog for too long.
Nighttime is a nightmare- rolling over causes a contraction every time! (which is about every 2-3 hours; 4 if I'm lucky)
My hips hurt like a mother by about 5:00 every morning, so I want to sleep on my back but you're not supposed to... today I finally fell asleep propped up on about 5 pillows so I was able to give my hips some respite.
As mentioned in my last post, the baby can kick hard. I'm pretty sure my ribs might be bruised, because it hurts to touch them.
I have to go to the bathroom pretty frequently for what seems like less than a teaspoon of pee.
I get tired (this didn't even happen in the 1st trimester) every night around 7:00, but there's no way I can go to bed that early so I just push through it.
My feet have gotten wider! And they hurt all the time thanks to bad arches mixed with loosened ligaments. And the bottoms of them randomly itch throughout the day. Super uncomfortable, and itching them just tickles!
I'm starting to waddle! ahhh not the preggo waddle! But it's much better than the soreness I feel otherwise.
And of course, hungry = angry.

These aren't really complaints, because I still have been very blessed with this pregnancy. I know others have a MUCH harder time than I have, and I'm grateful it's been so easy.

Things that have yet to happen and hopefully won't:
Stretch marks on the belly.
Swelling and cankles.
Prurigo (itchy red bumps anywhere)

So at 34 weeks, Baby weighs about the same as a cantaloupe (almost 5 lbs) and he's almost fully developed. By week 37 he'll be considered full term. He seems to stay head-down a lot, and at some point soon he'll drop lower, causing me to really waddle. Starting next week I'll go to the doc once a week, and they will start checking to see if I'm dilated at all (woohoo, I've always wanted a strange man to get all up in my lady-business!)

I'm excited for my upcoming baby showers-  the ladies from church are throwing me one and my family is going to have one via Skype! I already feel SO spoiled and blessed though- people have given me (us) SO much. Tons of clothes, a crib, a bumbo, some toys, diapers, etc. I hope I can help another new mom like that someday.

Ready to meet this wiggly little guy! Here's to six more weeks of pregnancy bliss. ;)

Stay tuned for the name-reveal: coming to a blog near you!


Yara said...

Have you seen the bottom of your belly? I thought I didn't have stretch marks with Liam - until he was born, and I could see the bottom of my belly again. At least they're low.

Kelsey said...

This is how you know you are close. Man, good luck and no matter what you hear from some people, having the baby on the outside is much better than inside. Not easier, just better.
I just wanna see your baby!