6am Rib-kickin'

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Normally the baby doesn't keep me awake at night from his movements. I usually fall asleep to his little kicks and punches without any trouble, and then I wake up every few hours to roll from one sore hip to the other or go to the bathroom.

Sometimes Baby disagrees with me about what side I'm currently laying on, and kicks me in that side repeatedly until I turn over, at which point he calms down at stops attacking me.

This morning however, it didn't matter which side I was on. Starting around 6:00, Baby alternated between shoving his bony little butt and his feet into my ribcage. Over and over and over. You can only do so much when a foot is stuck in your ribs. I would push back with my hand to try and get him to move or stop, but as soon as I took my hand away he would do it again.

So I lay awake enduring this little game of pushing on each other for about half an hour before he finally stopped. But by then it was too late. I had been awake long enough for my body to realize it was hungry. You've tried to fall asleep hungry, right? It's not very easy. But there was no way I was getting up at 6:30 with no job to get ready for. So I tried and tried to ignore the hungry and go back to sleep, and finally I did, sometime around 7:00. But there were definitely many grumblings of "this is all your fault, you little stinker!" in the meantime.

And my ribs are sore.


Cait said...

Why are there no granola bars in your night stand? =)

Elisabeth said...

My baby does the lovely hard push into the ribcage maneuver in the middle of the night at least once a week. I'm getting ready for that to be over.