Ducks in the Snow

Yesterday, as I walked home from class, I passed a large field that was mostly covered in melting snow. Waddling through that snow and picking out delicious little crickety morsels were about thirty ducks.

My first thought after "holy crap that's a lot of ducks!" was "stupid ducks! Aren't you supposed to go somewhere WARM during the Winter??"

And then I was just really happy to watch them, because they are cute and waddley and it reminded me of all the various fowl that we grew up playing with as kids.

No, those aren't ducks... I was looking for a picture of us in the swimming pool with the ducks and geese, but there were none to be found. This shows that we raised and ate our own chickens and turkeys, though! The missionaries helped Mom kill them. What a great mission story, huh? "We baptized this crazy bird lady..."

One of these days, maybe soon, I'll have to write a post about all the millions of pets we had.


Yara said...

We have lots of geese here. I have decided that they are from Canada and that this is south for them.

Cait said...

I love how you have no front teeth in this picture. haha I remember those birds. Christmas and Thanksgiving is what I believed we named them

Beth said...

yes, we named them that every year.

Francesca said...

I want to hear those stories!

Benners said...

This may be my favorite picture of the three of you of all time. Wow.