It's been One Week

And it's time to analyze my classes.

First: Roman art. Still liking this one, and planning on figuring out a paper topic early since I actually have some free time this semester. Sort of wish I had taken it earlier though, so I could use that paper for my thesis since I prefer ancient stuff to 16th century German, but oh well.

Second: Japanese. It's ok. There are about 10 of us Art History kids, so we all group together in a corner and joke about how Japan-incompetent we are. The worst part? My teacher... speaks... really... slowly. And that makes it a little hard to stay focused, especially if I can write what he's trying to say before he can finish saying it.

Third: Thesis. Not as bad as I thought. It's going to be a lot of work, and I wish I could write about something I personally find more interesting (see above), but I think it will be a good experience anyway, and both the teachers are great.

Last and definitely least: Spanish. There have only been 3 class periods, and we have already watched clips from Monty Python, A Knight's Tale, Shrek, and 30 minutes of the Incredibles, plus various pointless YouTube videos. You have GOT to be kidding me!

I'm sorry, but this is a literature class! I'm not paying thousands of dollars to watch partial movies every day. I can do that for a lot less. Should I say something? Nate thinks I should, but every other lame-o in my class seems to love this set up. I'm here to learn something, not to have play time. Plus, if I say something, wouldn't that automatically target me as the annoying whiny girl? I doubt my teacher will change her ways anyway. I looked into switching to another teacher, but none of the classes work well with my work schedule. I guess I'll just go and deal with the headache I get within the first 10 minutes from sheer irritation. At least it gives me time to doodle. Maybe I can hide a good book in my lap? Maybe if I start banging my head on my desk she'll get a hint.

Oh school. How glad I am that you are almost done.


Francesca said...

What a disappointment (Spanish)! I've always had great language teachers, though I do think BYU lang. teachers have a tendency to treat us a little juvenile.

Cait said...

Who is your teacher? (for Spanish)