Not Ready

School starts again the day after tomorrow. Blegh.

I'm at the beginning of the end, but I am so not ready to go back to school! This break was way too short and I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in and reading books for fun. I don't want to start studying again.

I'll only be taking 4 classes, so this will definitely be an easier semester than the last one... for me. But now it's Nate's turn to take 18 credits, and since I've already been there, I can honestly say its going to stink. Hopefully since I'll be less busy I can help him somehow. Do the dishes more often?

Speaking of Nate, he was awesome last semester! He got straight A's, and I'm so proud! I think he could do it again too. Although the 18 credit thing will be a challenge, he is super smart when it comes to this Environmental Sciency stuff, and he soaks it all up like a sponge. Never ask him a sciency question unless you have 30 minutes to spare for the answer.

[Tangent! This story amuses me so I have to share. Nate and I were just sitting down to watch Superman Returns, and during the opening credits there are all these funky stars and stuff. I asked Nate about them, and we had to stop the movie because he then taught me way more than I wanted to know and it literally took about 30 minutes. I don't think I remember any of it, but it was fun.]

ANYway. I got all A's and B's, which I'm pretty proud of. There's only so much you can do with that many classes and lots of work.

So I have no idea what crazy science classes Nate's going to be taking this semester, but I will be in:

Japanese 345: Traditional Japanese Culture. This class acts as a substitute for a non-Western Art History requirement. I will probably be the only one who does not speak Japanese, considering that the 300-level is generally for majors. Luckily I have been assured that the class will be taught in English. I hope. Konichiwa?

Spanish 441: Spanish Literature. The last of my Spanish minor classes. I'm kind of excited for this class, because I took a Spanish Lit class in high school and loved it. Some of the stories and books are SO good; I always wish my friends could speak Spanish so they could enjoy them too. Short story recommendation to anyone who does speak Spanish: La noche boca arriba.

Art History 306: Roman Art. Definitely going to ace this one. I love ancient stuff, and I already took Greek art, which is more or less the same thing cause the Romans copied all things Greek. Purposely saved an easier class for the end.

Art History 498: Senior Thesis. I'm looking forward to this the least. Once a week for three hours (on Friday of all days!) I "get" to work on a ginormous paper. Remember this picture? Yep, that is the subject on which my senior thesis will be written. Then at the end of the semester and my life at BYU, I get to present it in front of a million people and answer questions about it after. eek.

But I will be DONE in April! I am so excited. Everyone needs to come celebrate with me.

Then we will most likely be spending a few weeks of the summer in Costa Rica (finally) and then I might get a second job while I wait for Nate to graduate. I can't really get paid for anything in my field without a Masters, and while an internship would be good experience it wouldn't be paid, so I'm considering doing the Nordstrom thing again. ...I don't know. April is still 4 months away though (just four months! woo!) so we'll see.

While I can't wait for graduation in April, I still wish Monday would stay away a little longer.


Symantha said...

All A's and B's with 18 credits and a job!! SUPERWOMAN! And way to go Nate!

The Clingo Family said...

Congratulations on the good grades Beth and Nate!!