Then the Angels Paint them Green

Yesterday during Nursery, it was a warm enough day that we decided to take the kids on an adventure outside. They loved getting out of our little classroom to look at the trees, bushes, and seedpods. Nathan even suggested going to where we could see the temple. How sweet is that? As we walked along, we would ask the kids, "Do you know who made the bushes?" And they always got the answer right: Jesus.
At one point, Steven found a tree stump, and I told him a little bit about how trees keep going underground, and they have long "fingers" called roots that spread out really far and drink up all the rain when it comes down. Then they grow into big tall trees, "like this one," as I pointed to another tree. Then Steven wisely, and adorably added, "Then the angels paint them green."
Yes, yes they do. Jesus created the world for us because He loves us, and his angels help paint the trees green. :)


Rebecca Cloyd said...

we're painting the roses red, we're painting the roses red!

I got visions of giant playing cards from alice in wonderland with wings on painting the trees

Benners said...

You should have held the kid upside down and told him that this made the bushes.


The Clingo Family said...

haha, aww how cute! i miss being able to teach the children and hear all their cute answers! I'm jealous!

Chase & Cait said...

You should have told him he was wrong.

haha who put you in nursery? I bet thats fun to watch.

Rachel said...

Nursery is a good calling. It has definitely kept the newly married couples in our ward from wanting kids... haha But seriously, that was sweet. And adorable! Your own kids will be even sweeter and more adorable than any you've ever seen.

Rebecca said...

'Kids say the darndest things'! Did you tell April that story? I love how properly Steven speaks. You do an incredible job in that nursery Beth, thanks!