"I'm Trying Hard to Grow..."

...So please don't walk on me.

Perhaps you too have seen these signs along the edges of the "DT grass" that is still brown and prickly. Perhaps you have also seen people committing the heinous act of walking across said grass, or have even done so yourself. Ok, it's not that bad, but it's still really annoying to me. I take the 30 seconds longer to walk all the way around the field, trying to accommodate the signs and let the stuff grow, but it seems like everyone else just goes right on through. It is really starting to irritate me. I mean, people are walking right past the signs, it's not like they don't see them! I was even out there one day while some workers were outside, and one man called out to someone asking them not to walk on the grass, but he was completely ignored. How lame is that? There is a clear difference between this field and the one a little farther north, by the Harmon building. That grass is dark green, lush, and pretty. The DT grass is again, brown and prickly. And these people are making it that way! So cut it out, and let the grass grow, dangit.

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brittany+scott said...

well said, well said.