Jesus is Coming!!

Oh how I love Nursery.

Yesterday, little Steven decided it would be fun to throw all the crayons on the floor under the table. As his teachers, we decided that he would have to clean them up. Steven however, did not like this idea, and stubborn as he can be, just went off and played with toys. We stuck to our decision though, and told him they would have to be cleaned up before he left, because when you make a mess, you are responsible for cleaning it up (try teaching responsibility to a 2 year old). He still had no interest, and as time wound down, we tried different ways to get him to clean his mess.

First: asking politely. Failed miserably.
Second: "I bet I can pick up more crayons than you!" - "I don't want to." (This kid is too smart for our tricks!)
Finally: a discussion about Jesus.

I knelt down next to Steven and said, "When you make a mess at home, I bet you help clean it up to make your mom happy, don't you?" No response. "Well, this is Jesus' building, and it makes Him sad when it's messy. Don't you want to make Jesus happy by cleaning up your mess?"

Steven suddenly got super excited, and started running around yelling, "JESUS IS COMING, JESUS IS COMING!!"

Oh, great! What's gonna happen when Jesus doesn't show up?? I said nothing about Him coming! I just wanted the crayons picked up! The other teachers and I couldn't help laughing at cute little Steven, excited to see Jesus, who was, as far as we knew, not coming anytime soon.

But hey, at least he finally cleaned up the crayons.


Krista said...

SO cute!

The Clingo Family said...

awww!! haha! I read this story to James and we both thought it was SUPER cute! :) Good job teacher! ;)

Rebecca said...

You can really deliver a story Beth, I could totally see it happening. Gotta love Steven!

Chase & Cait said...

Did Jesus show up?