VA Vacation!

Nate and I just got home from spending a week and a half on the East Coast. Six families from Nate's home ward shared 3 boats for 4 days on Smith Mountain Lake. There was lots of wakeboarding, jetskiing, swimming, paintballing, and more!

Nate driving us to our spot.
Our three houseboats lashed together; Nate & I got the tent on the top middle.
I got up!
Parasailing is awesome.
The kids.
Luke and Nick geared up for their annual Dance-off.
Bro Padilla and Bro Walker joined in too...
The single surviving duckling. There were 5 our first day, but 4 vanished overnight..

After spending a few more days in VA (we went to a couple museums in DC, and also visited Nate's grandparents in West Virginia), Nate and I did the 3-day drive back to Utah. I read Breaking Dawn, the final book in the Twilight series, for entertainment on the way. Nate got to listen to my random giggles and outbursts at what was happening in the book. :) On the 11th we stopped in Topeka, Kansas to celebrate our first anniversary with a nice dinner and the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep. Then we hit the road again and stopped outside Boulder, Colorado to visit my friend Ashley and her little baby Kelsey! I'm amazed at how much she's grown. And she's pretty much the happiest little kid ever. Anyway, we went on our way again and arrived in Provo at 4 in the morning, yesterday. Oof.
Life is back to normal now, with both of us just working. School starts in just a few weeks and I'm not very excited about it, though it does mean that I'll be a teeny bit closer to being done with school. I just wish it would go faster. Too bad vacation had to end!


Chase & Cait said...

Sounds like fun. What a cute duck. it is sad he has no familia now. Wow i subconsciously typed family in spanish and not english. weird.

Quinn and Ashley said...

So you forgot to mention the best part of your whole trip.....!! You got to see Kelsey and all of the rest of her family... :P

Beth & Nate said...

oops! how could I forget?!

MeganandClaudy said...

how fun! jealous!