So here we are in Virginia. You're probably wondering what we've been up to! Well, the answer to that is not much.

Nate has spent lots of time applying to jobs, and I have been gathering things I need to become a substitute teacher. I'll probably only work two or three days a week, since we don't have to pay rent right now and most of what we make will just go into savings. I'm a little bit nervous to be a sub, but I think I can do it. I don't take no crap from nobody!

Our days consist of watching way more TV than ever before, spending time on the computer, throwing a stick outside for the dog, and tidying the kitchen. Sometimes I sew, read, and/or nap. I desperately need to get my craft on, what with the holidays coming up soon! We also make dinner about 4 times a week so my parents don't have to. It's truly the least we can do, and it's nice to have more than two people to feed!

Living in Virginia is definitely new to me. I love the trees, but sometimes I feel a little claustrophobic. They're everywhere! Even closer than the looming mountains were in Utah. But they are pretty and the leaves are just starting to change- I am looking forward to a real Fall. I've never really thought there was much of a Fall in Utah. It gets too cold and too wet too fast. And I have to admit, I'm even looking forward to seeing all these trees covered in snow when the time comes- it's going to be beautiful.

There are millions of mosquitoes that think I make a tasty lunch. I never go outside without bug spray anymore. Thank goodness for the non-scented stuff, or I'd never ever go out. I hate bug spray.

There are also ticks. I've already had two latch onto my ankles, each at a separate time. Nasty little critters- blegh. I miss being able to go outside barefoot. Without bug spray.

But there is my favorite feline friend, Big Kitty. Yes, that is his name, and he is the nicest cat ever. Is it weird that I'm blogging about my cat?? Whatever. He was born when I was eleven, so he's about thirteen years old, which is about 68 in cat years. As old as he is, he is still healthy and playful, and he loves a nice lap- Nate's in particular. This is humorous, because Nate is supposedly allergic to cats. I think Big Kitty somehow knows this, and therefore Nate's is often the chosen lap during our nighttime TV watching. Luckily the allergy seems to have disappeared, because Nate hasn't had any problems at all. This is especially good news, because I was afraid we'd never be able to have a cat. Now he has no excuse. :) And he totally loves Big Kitty.
How could you not love him? He is a furry little day-brightener.
Aside from being lazy lumps, we sometimes get to hang out with my sister and her family. My two nieces are the most adorable kids ever. When we went to California back in August, I think the 2-year old was overwhelmed by all the people, and therefore was a little bit of a stinker sometimes. Not that I didn't love her or something, but it has been so much more fun to see her out here, where she has her grandparents house and her own house to be in so she's comfortable. She's so happy and cheerful and hearing her talk is adorable. She says funny things like, "oh no! oh no!" "what's a Becca?" and she calls me "Ah-Bop." I love it. I want to play with her every day. And her little sister looks just like me as a baby... I am definitely a proud auntie.

It's good to be here, even with the bugs. I think the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives.

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Symantha said...

Your posts make me happy. I wish I was going to Virginia so I could see you!