So lately I've been pretty terrible at updating my blog. I guess I just got bored with it, even though I still like to blogstalk all my friends and get annoyed when they haven't written in a few days...

It's hard to want to write when almost every day is the same as the one before.

Still working at the grocery store. Still have a large number of crazy customers (I'll post some recent stories). Not working at the craft store anymore- wasn't worth the lack of sleep for a measly 4-8 hours a week.

So, what to talk about, then?

Nate and I have become really close friends with another family in our ward, mostly thanks to common interests the include Bollywood, mountain biking, and now our younger siblings dating... and about a month ago (President's Day), we went up to their cabin with them for the long weekend. It was SO much fun. We didn't want to come home. Our time there mostly consisted of lounging in PJs, but there was a healthy mix of snowmobiling, game playing, and sledding, too.

Nate getting some air on the jump he helped build.
Leah, too!
Walking with Joe.
Snowmobile! Nate took me up a HUGE hill and I thought I was going to die.
Then, a week ago tomorrow, Nate and I sort of randomly decided to up and move to a new apartment. We'd been talking about moving to south Provo (which is why it was only sort of random), but then spontaneously switched to a different apartment in the same complex from before, because we liked it better and it's more convenient. The fun part? We thought they would give us a few days (maybe a week?) to move, so we decided to grab the one we liked before anyone else could. Then they told us we had 2 days to get out of the old place, counting the day we claimed it.

That's when the adrenaline hit. It was already 2:00 in the afternoon, and nothing was ready for this. We grabbed some boxes, threw everything in, made lots of trips, and with the help of Nate's awesome family, had everything moved up the hill by the end of the night. All we had to do the next day was clean the old place. It was actually really fun to do it so suddenly- I didn't have time to be sad to leave our old place and ward. That's come a little bit since, but I'm glad we came here. We were itching for a change, and we LOVE the new place.

Yes. Nate and Spencer had to put the couch on top of the car.

Being goofy.
So, those are the two latest adventures. I will tell more stories later- have to run to the grocery store now. Hopefully I will survive the crazies and the hauntings. Have I not mentioned the hauntings? Just you wait...


Symantha said...


Haha that actually does sound fun. Most anything that's spur-of-the-moment is, really. Even moving!

...game night?

Kaycie Q said...

yes please tell grocery store stories!! i always love them!

Alison said...

I'm sad that you're not in our ward anymore! But I'm happy for you that you like your new place, and also especially that it happened fast enough that you didn't have time to be sad or miss things :) The cabin sounds super fun! Joel's parents have one, but it's not safe to drive up to during the winter - I can't wait until warmer weather comes so we can be up in the mountains, too! :)

Francesca said...

Wow, I cannot imagine moving in two days! Kudos to you guys!