I've been known to get the occasional migraine. I can tell they are coming because I get spots in my vision, and I can't speak correctly. It's really hard to form a coherent sentence, and even though I think it through multiple times before I start to speak, it usually still comes out wrong. Here's a fun example of what happened today when I tried to text Nate to tell him I had one.

Beth: dahhh, coming down with a midrain! ts that spelled fish?
Beth: first one in months
Nate: I'm sorry, are you going to live?
Beth: yeah... hyst need drubs and some resot. sometimes sunshine soes it, and it hink that what happened. was ouside with aprik
Beth: hahaha... I dype like im drunk
Nate: Go to sleep asap!

Coming down with a migraine! Is that spelled right?
Just need drugs and some rest. Sometimes sunshine does it (causes them), and I think that's what happened. I was outside with April.
I type like I'm drunk.

You should hear me try to talk.


Yara said...

Haha! That is awesome. The sun gives them to me sometimes, too. It sucks.

Emily Hope said...

OH no!!! I hope you feel better... and I feel guilty laughing, but it is pretty funny!

Symantha said...

This is too funny, even though it totally sucks that you get those haha.

Alison said...

hahahahaha :D I've never heard of that side effect :)