Why, hello there.


It's been a while. I guess I've had blogger's block for a bit. There are a few things I thought I would talk about... but I've also been lazy. Finally I decided to write, because my friend Krista's latest blog post reminded me of something. So here you go.

This morning I worked at 11:00. I'd been slower than usual getting out of bed, and felt a pretty draggy going through my daily routine. The last few days I've felt somewhat grumpy, as well as strangely apathetic about just about everything. Perhaps a new type of PMS? Who knows, but it carried into this morning too.

When I finally stepped outside to walk to my car, I was whooshed awake by some uncommonly blustery weather. It is the beginning of Fall, I suppose. And it felt SO good. I stopped for a second and stood there like a weirdo with my eyes closed, taking in the crisp, cool air. It wasn't cold; just refreshingly cool. the sky was fairly gray, with some clouds; it was getting ready to be rainy.

I don't know what it is about me and summer rainstorms, but I love them. I love thunder and lightning and wind and the wetness- especially because it isn't cold yet (give me that weather in December and it would be a completely different reaction). And I have always loved the crispness of Fall too. So this was sort of an in-between type weather, and it was great.

As I walked to my car, I listened to the wind in the trees, and looked at the sun playing on the mountains to the East. So beautiful. And I thought of my Heavenly Father, and this world that has been created for us. And I talked to Him, and thanked Him for its beauty. I even turned off the radio on my way to work, and rolled down the windows, though the wind gave me crazy hair and goosebumps.

By the time I got to work, I was in much higher spirits than before. I don't know why I've been feeling so blah, but I realized I really had no reason to be less than happy about my life. Things are going well, I've got a good job (now jobs- more to come), good friends, a wonderful husband, and too many other blessings to name. And Heavenly Father gave them all to me, along with this gorgeous world.


Because He loves me.


The Clingo Family said...

What a great post :-) Definitely made me smile and feel good.

I feel like the beautiful earth helps cheer me up a lot when I'm feeling down too.

Krista ... said...

love this. :)

yesterday's blustery morning really was magical.

Francesca said...

I agree: the world is so beautiful and calming! I'm glad your spirits were lifted.