Another Rant

I don't know why this bothered me so much; perhaps because I was tired and hungry and had just gotten home from work. But here's what happened.

Phone rings.
Me: Hello?
Wells Fargo Man: Hi, I'm calling from Wells Fargo. May I please speak to Miss Dorsey?
Me: This is her. (she?)
WFM: Hello there, how's the weather treating you out there in Provo?
Me: [I really don't think you called to talk about the weather, so I'm already annoyed] ...hot.
WFM: Oh, like dry heat?
Me: ...yep.
WFM: Well, hopefully you have some air conditioning then!
Me: [wondering when he's going to get to the point] Nope.
WFM: Ooh, bummer- at least a fan then?
Me: [don't have a fan, but want him to move on] Yeah.
WFM: Great! Well I wanted to talk to you today about this really great offer we have just for you! Before I begin, just want you to know this call may be monitored.
Me: Ok.
WFM: We're signing you up [not can we, but we are] for a FREE 30-day trial of some amazing thing you have to have, that will protect you if you break your leg tomorrow and can't work anymore! or if you get fired unexpectedly! Only 89 cents per hundred dollars in your account! [Parrots some script about this program for a straight 3 minutes with me going "mmhmm. mhmm."]
Me: Well, that sounds nice, but I'd really rather not sign up for that right now. My husband and I wont be losing our jobs anytime soon, and we can't afford anything else to pay for, but thanks! [Expecting the call to end now. Also, count: said "no" once]
WFM: Miss Dorsey, I know nobody likes to think about the possibility of losing their job unexpectedly, but you really should try this out. [I try to speak--] We've got you all ready to receive some materials in the mail so you can learn more about it, and then you can call and cancel if you decide you don't want it.
Me: Thanks, but I really don't want to sign up for this right now. [Irritated that one "no" wasn't enough. Count: two.]
WFM: Well, we'll go ahead and send you the materials so you can look them over and decide if you want it.
Me: That would be fine, you can go ahead and send them--
WFM: Then if you decide you don't want it, you can call and cancel.
[Hello! Am I not being clear, because you are obviously NOT getting the message. I will call you and ASK to be signed up if I want this thing, after I read about it. I don't want to have to call and deal with one of you annoying salesman again to CANCEL something I told you I DIDN'T want in the first place!]
Me: I'd really rather not sign up for anything right now. We're going to be moving and-- [Count: three]
WFM: It's just a free, 30-day trial, and you can cancel if you decide you don't like it. [Because when you forget to cancel it, it wont be free anymore and we'll start charging you!]
Me: Listen! [voice rising] I told you I DON'T want it. Please DO NOT sign me up for anything. GOODBYE.

I lost my temper. But how annoying! I hate salespeople who wont take no for an answer. I don't want it, and I shouldn't have to keep telling you that over and over again. And I most certainly should not have to cancel something I told you not to sign me up for! Goodness! I do wish I had ended the call with something more like this:

Sir, please stop interrupting me, your customer, and listen for a minute. I hope this call IS monitored, so your supervisor can hear how annoyed I am. I have told you three times now that I have no interest in this program, and you refuse to let it go. May I please have your name and/or ID number so I can know who to complain about if I end up signed up for this thing? Thanks.

Good riddance!


Rebecca said...

I've loved reading these last few posts! You write so I can follow your conversation perfectly. So funny, well not to you I'm sure, but funny cause we can all relate!

Symantha said...

GAH how annoying! I probably would've done the same thing.
But your posts sure have been entertaining lately!

Francesca said...

Is that even legal?!