Pura Vida, Week Two

Sunday, June 13-
Went to church again. Helped my suegra (mother-in-law) teach a lesson to the young women, in Spanish. Celebrated the suegra's birthday with delicious vegan cake. Relaxed.

Monday, June 14-
Mostly just relaxed all day, I think...

Tuesday, June 15-
Nate's helicopter ride! The Bishop of his parent's ward has his own helicopter, and Nate (who was the top flight student at his military school back in the day- bet some of you didn't know he can fly!) was super excited to go. They ended up only having one seat, so I stayed home. Nate loved it. Rainstorm hit and they had to land at a random airport and catch a taxi for an hour-long drive home.

Wednesday, June 16-
Went to Manuel Antonio National Park with Nate and the suegra. Hiked through some jungle, then down along the beaches. Saw monkeys, sloths, toucans, lots of iguanas, a snake, and a raccoon... Swung on a vine. Came home and relaxed. Awesome day.

Thursday, June 17-
Ran wedding errands, made flower arrangements. Read, relaxed, watched movies.
Friday, June 18-
A mostly lazy day, I think. Finished getting flowers ready, stayed up late decorating the cake with Leah.

Saturday, June 19-
Spencer & Ann's wedding day. Got ready for the reception by setting up tables, putting out flowers, hanging up tiny lanterns, etc. Then to the temple, then lots of pictures. Piled 15 people into two cars. Reception! Delicious comida típica de Costa Rica (authentic Costa Rican food)- chiles rellenos, papusas, gallo pinto, jamaica, tamarindo, and a plantain stuffed with sweet dough and fried. Then we ate some of our tasty cake, and the happy couple left. Watched movies the rest of the night and got ready to leave.

Sunday, June 20-
Left the Dorsey house at 5:00am, flew back to Utah.

The trip was so much fun, and so rejuvenating! It was nice to get away for a while and spend time with family. I loved the 75-degree (year-round) weather, and loved that I was able to be outdoors for the majority of those two weeks! So much better than being cooped up in a tiny little cinderblock apartment. And guess what? Nate and I are pretty much planning to go live there after he graduates in December. Why not have our own little adventure while we can! We both want to improve our Spanish, too. Nate would work somewhere doing environmental something-or-other, and I could work at the art museums and/or teach English. Costa Rica I miss you!

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