Pura Vida, Week One

Saturday, June 5-
Visited Uncle Scott on the way to the airport, ate a tasty lunch of hamburgers. To the airport; flew to Denver. Sat in the Denver airport from 5pm till 12am. Flight to Costa Rica from 12am till 5am. No sleep that night.

Sunday, June 6-
Arrived in San José, Costa Rica at approximately 5:20am. Explored the house and yard. Ate a big breakfast of omelets, mangoes, fried plantains, and OJ. It was a very yellow meal. Went back to sleep from 7-11am. Woken by a super intense thunderstorm; was so disoriented I thought the noise was someone driving on the roof. Went to church, understood about 50% of what was said. Loved that the spirit was the same. Relaxed the rest of the day.Monday, June 7-Took a tour of Escazú/San José area, learned that driving out there is extremely frightening. Went swimming, relaxed. Enjoyed being lazy.

Tuesday, June 8-
Went way up in the mountains in Quitirrisi to watch Sara teach childrens how to play the recorder. Learned that the ominous, yucky birthday candle smell is the burning trash of the locals. Then went to la Universidad para la Paz (University of Peace, run by the UN), and wandered around their "garden," aka the jungle.
Wednesday, June 9-
Woke up way too freakin' early, drove to Esterillos beach. Arrived by 6:30 am. Played in the water. Made friends with a random, cute dog. Buried said dog in the sand and made him look like a turtle. Played in the water. Saw wild horses. Lunch. Rain. Played in the water. Home, relaxed.

Thursday, June 10-
Lazy day at home. Went swimming, watched movies, read, napped, ate fruit.

Friday, June 11-
Went to Poás Volcano. Hiked through the cloud forest. Decided Costa Rica looks and feels like Jurassic Park. Stopped by a souvenir shop belonging to this really cool hippie man who's all about Peace and Love.Saturday, June 12-
Went to the Multiplaza mall that's literally right behind the Dorsey's backyard. It's one of the biggest in the world. Shopped for birthday presents for Nate's mom, settled on an awesome little fondue set! Relaxed.


Rebecca said...

Perfect run down. The writing was concise and relaxed, mirroring your experience?! Pictures give a great taste for me of Costa Rica. Glad you were able to go. Welcome back to Wymount!

The Clingo Family said...

Awesome photos!! Looks and sounds like you guys had a great time :)