¡Mucha Confusión!

Ohmygoodness! I'm so tired of not knowing what we're going to do after we graduate!

1. Nate double majors adding Biology Teaching (to Environmental Science), we're here for 2 more years so he can get his teaching degree. Found out he can't double major.
2. Nate doesn't double major; Beth goes to BYU for her Masters, takes 2 years, Nate works and doesn't progress at all in the education department. Not going to happen.
3. Nate doesn't double major; we go to VA and wait a year until we're residents so we can afford grad school tuition. Live with the 'rents to help save money. Sad to leave our friends, happy to be near family. Up until an hour ago, we thought this was going to happen. But then:
4. Nate figures out he might be able to do a one-year post-baccalaureate program at BYU that would certify him to teach Environmental Science, and therefore Biology, which is what he wants. Beth can either take a break from school and work like a crazy person or get her Masters at BYU, taking one year longer than Nate (if she gets in).

As soon as we think we know what we're doing, some option is either taken away or pops up and we have to reconsider everything!

If Nate gets into the post-bacc. teaching program, we're going to stay here. If not, we'll be headed east. Or so it seems, at the moment.


Alison said...

agh! I know exactly this feeling! It's ridiculous.

Elizabeth said...

Holy rusted metal Batman, that's a lot!