I LOVE Grocery Shopping.

Empty Fridge.
Empty Cupboard.
Empty Baking Stuff.
Empty Candy Dish.
Empty Fruit Bowl.
Empty Pantry.

Full Fridge!
Complete Cupboard!
Bounteous Baking Stuff!
Crammed Candy!
Filled Fruit Bowl!
And the best: Plentiful Pantry!


Symantha said...

I SAW you before you went grocery shopping! And I freaking LOVE your alliteration!

Jen Bowen said...

Your kitchen (fridge, freezer, pantry, etc.) is so much more organized than ours has been the whole time we've lived here. Nice work.

Beth said...

Haha.. I tend to be a little OCD about my kitchen. I think it comes from working at the grocery store.

Rebecca said...

party at the Dorsey's! They've got food and I heard her say we can all park in slot 110....

Beth said...

haha! Reba I love you.

The Clingo Family said...

Haha, love that there's a picture of the candy dish.

And of course there's mac and cheese in the pantry ;)