Cinnamon Research Soup

So ever since January rolled around and grocery stores stocked themselves full of Valentine's candy, I have been obsessed (Nate and my coworkers can vouch for this) with  Cinnamon Jelly Hearts!

I blame my grandma for this. She is the one who introduced me to these delicious little jellies so many years ago. They are quite possibly my favorite candy of all time, considering that I eat ridiculous amounts of them every January and February. I think I've consumed about 5 bags so far, just in the last month or so. I love candy and always eat too much of it (I'm trying to be more healthy, as you'll see further down) but nothing even comes close to these. No other holiday produces a specific goody that I go so crazy over. My body must be on corn syrup and cinnamon overload, but I just can't resist!

I can't think of a smooth transition for this, so stay with me- now we're going to talk about my thesis.

My teacher pretty much told me that my original paper [connecting the image of the Devil with Christ] just doesn't really work. But she likes the image and wants me to talk about misogyny in the 16th century and fear of women instead. Women were believed to be in league with the devil during the Reformation years, so I guess that's what my paper will become. I'm a little bummed though, because the whole reason I chose this painting is because of the gesture Death is making- a symbol used by Christ when blessing the righteous- and now I don't know if that will even be incorporated with my new paper.

I still don't have a specific "thesis statement" figured out, and that's pretty stressful. But I'm doing TONS of research, and I figure that eventually something will hit me. I have books coming out my ears! Books on women in the 16th century, books about the Reformation, books about Superstitions, books books books! I don't know how I'm ever going to have time to wade through them all, but I need to do it fast. Since I'm completely redoing everything, my original 8-page paper is irrelevant and I'm starting with zero pages. 15 may not seem like a lot, but when you don't know the direction you're going and you have a deadline... it can be a little scary. The countdown is to remind myself to do a little work every day.

Time for another awkward transition...

Now, as I said before, I like to have real food sometimes, and I've been trying to experiment a little. It's nice to have something you can just heat up in between school and work, or when you get home late. Anyway, I found this recipe for Quinoa Chili- all the ingredients are super healthy, and I love pretty much any kind of soup, so I decided to go for it! Check out my tasty creation:

It was delicious! I definitely recommend it. Not only is it really yummy and healthy and all that good stuff, but its super filling! I could barely finish a whole bowl. Perfect for a cold icky day, like we've been having recently.

[Side note: If you're planning on making some, the recipe makes a HUGE batch. Since we only have a 2-quart (?) pot, I only made half. Also, obviously, if you want a vegetarian/vegan version, just switch the chicken broth to veggie and you're good!]

So those are some of the more interesting things going on in my life right now. I still loathe my Spanish class, but I'll save that for another post.

Oh, and I do like my hair. But I still feel bad for doing that to Nate. What a patient guy!


The Clingo Family said...

Those candies look delicious, next time I'm at the store I think I'm going to look for some :)

Symantha said...

And I also love your countdown haha. A very Beth thing to do.
Oh, I can't believe you're doing a thesis. You go girl.

Cait said...

Whatever Beth. Its your hair. When Chase grows out his sideburns I have to deal with it.

AND With your thesis, the best way to write a LOONG paper is to find something you're interested in and run with it. If the topic bores you, you wont be able to write a good paper. maybe talk about how boys at BYU are also still scared of women and their mysterious ways. hah!Relate the past w/the present.

Francesca said...

Sorry about your paper. The research part is always the hardest. Just think, once you're past that, the worst is over!

Thanks for sharing the soup recipe. Sounds super yummy!

Chase said...

There should be a plethora of easy to find evidence on the internet that women are in league with Satan. In fact I thought it was a well known fact. I'd be willing to believe otherwise if I had some of those gummy hearts!!