Dos Años

As of today Nate and I have been married for two whole years! haha, sooo long, I know. But it seems so much shorter! Time has flown by like crazy.

This day two years ago started out a little frantic, getting everyone all ready to go to the temple while others prepared for the reception under big sister Yara's guidance. The night before had been wonderful, full of family members telling both embarrassing and endearing stories about Nate and me, and there was lots of crying and laughing all around. We were all up late and I wasn't really able to sleep due to excitement. I also had My Fair Lady's "I'm gettin' married in the mornin!" running on repeat in my head, so needless to say, it was a little hard to get up, and if I wasn't 110% excited, I might have tried to sleep in.

But we were sealed in the temple that morning (which was wonderful) and everyone cried and laughed again, and I'm pretty sure my dad whispered a threat to Nate that he "better take care of his daughter" as we left the sealing room.Then Nate and I had to endure the taking of thousands of pictures and were almost late for our own ring ceremony and reception. At least we knew they couldn't start without us. We were quite sick of the endless posing in the blazing California August sun, but I'm so glad to have the photos now.Then we had our ring ceremony. I got to spend some time hidden away with all 8 of my lovely bridesmaids while we waited for people to be seated, and Mom made sure to feed me a few early refreshments to make sure I didn't keel over halfway down the aisle from heat stroke and starvation and lack of breathing space from the dress. (It's really fun to have everyone doting over you for a whole day!) Being with my girls before the ceremony was one of my favorite parts of the day.

Then the music began and the procession went, and people were crying again, and I couldn't stop smiling. Nate's dad presided and did the little speech thingy and told Nate to shower me with flowers and treats as often as possible, and I said "MMhmm!" and everyone laughed and it was all perfect and wonderful.Then there was more picture-taking followed by music, food, and dancing. When I danced with my Dad we were crying, but Nate and his mom were grinning ear to ear (such is the difference between daddy's girls and momma's boys). There was delicious cake and my brother caught the garter and my Kaycie caught the bouquet, and then we got ready to leave. We left under flying rice and cheerios and tried to make our escape, BUT! during the partying my family was super sneaky and while the outside of our car looked relatively untouched, the inside was full of crumpled newspaper! (A retaliation on me from some certain past pranks.) We couldn't leave until we had dumped it all over the driveway (and left the mess for everyone else to clean up), but we finally did.Hard to believe all that happened two years ago! It feels like it was yesterday. Even our first anniversary feels like it was only a week ago. Last year we were driving from Virginia to Utah, and happened to be in Topeka on the 11th, so we stopped for the night and feasted on some tasty food and actually slept in a hotel instead of in the car in a random parking lot, as is custom for the 3-day drive. This year we have just done our routine things- work, hang out, be lazy, but with a quick trip to get some ice cream together. There's supposed to be a meteor shower tonight too, so maybe we'll try and catch a glimpse after work.

These last two years have been great. I love my husband and am so glad that I really did marry
my best friend.


Francesca said...

Awww, such a sweet post down (your) memory lane! Happy anniversary!

Brian and Cathy Phillips said...

Happy Anniversary! It's Brian's and mine today. Isn't it fun being married?

What fun memories and gorgeous photos are in your post. Here's to another two years plus eternity for you guys!

Symantha said...

Aw Happy Anniversary!

Chase & Cait said...

I still love your flowers. AND for some reason I was excluded from that bridesmaid crazy dance picture. sadness.