Thought I should post something now, cause once school starts I don't know if I'll have much time.

Nothing too thrilling is going on for Nate and me right now, but that's a-ok. There are some major changes going on for our families, however.

Nate's family now lives in Costa Rica. Apparently they have an awesome little house with a pool and a separate guest house (for us when we visit!) and it's great. Everything out there is of course in Spanish, so his sisters are going to be pros. I'm jealous of everything.

My parents just got to Virginia yesterday. They are going to live in Nate's parents' house while they're in Costa Rica for the next 5 years. The plan is that in exchange for not paying rent, my parents are going to fix up the house and make it super cute, cause it needs a little help.

In the meantime, Nate and I feel a little... in limbo. If we go back to Escondido to visit, I wont have my own house! We'd have to stay with my grandma, or in the Cloyd's motorhome (which is fine, just different). There might even already be someone else living in my house. That's so weird! And if we go to VA, we'd get to stay at Nate's house, but it would be all changed and his family wouldn't be there, and it would really kinda be MY parents' house instead. Weird.

But we're happy for our families and think all these changes are for the better. Hopefully once I graduate in April, Nate can do an internship in Costa Rica so we can be with his family and practice our EspaƱol. Then, after Nate graduates we can leave P-town and go live (for free!) at Nate's house in VA with my parents, while going to Grad school at George Mason. I am SO ready to be done with school and move away, even though I'll be sad to leave our awesome friends. But being in the DC area, there's no shortage of museums for me to possibly work at.

And I'm SO ready for school to start because it means I'm that much closer to being done! Thank goodness.

So, that's pretty much it... oh, and Sara is back out here, so it's been fun hanging out with her. Spencer wont be here for another few days, and Nate is really restless waiting for him. He hasn't seen him in over two years! He's really excited and I'm glad he gets to have his "widdle brudder" back.

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Chase & Cait said...

It wont be so weird! :)

AND I'm writing a book and the main character is like you I think. Very witty and bright... maybe a little sharp, but hopefully my book will be fun to read! :) I should send you part of it to read!