Pet Peeve

So, the parking lot for our apartment complex has two driveways. One is an IN drive, and the other is an OUT. But for some reason, people like to be irritating and drive OUT the IN way, and it always happens when I'm trying to drive in. Really, it only takes about 15 seconds to circle the parking lot and go out the correct way. So do it! 

The other day I was trying to go in, and some punk in a little white car was going the wrong way. These driveways aren't made for two cars to fit side-by-side. I mean, they CAN, but it's a tight squeeze. And our Element isn't huge, but it's not a small car either. Anyway, while this stupid little car was trying to squeeze past me, I noticed that both of us had our windows down. So I politely (ha!) let him know that he was going the "WRONG WAY!!" 

And I felt better.
Even if it wasn't the nicest thing to do.

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