More about driving.

Yesterday, I went to drop Nate off at work, and we saw a car on the other side of our street pulled over, getting a ticket. I told Nate I was so glad they enforce the speed limit on our road, because there are so many little kids around.

When I headed home, I was behind a guy who was probably going about 40 on our little 20 mph road. I watched for the cop, but didn't see him anywhere. Shucks. But then! The cop pulls away from the curb where it was hiding sneakily behind some parked cars, the lights go on, and the guy gets busted! It was awesome. I debated eating my lunch out on the sidewalk to see how many people he would ticket with his sneakiness, but decided otherwise.

Is it weird that seeing people get "busted" makes me happy? :)

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The Clingo Family said...

Ha! GOOD! I am glad people are getting busted for going so fast on that road because you are right, there are tons of kids there!! And no, I don't think it's weird :)