Well, I hoped I'd get something to write about...

Yesterday I rode my bike to work, cause it looked like it would be stormy in the evening when Nate gets off, and I wanted him to have the car since his commute is longer. When I left, it was dry but cold, and in the distance (by my work) were huge, evil-looking black clouds. My thoughts: better ride fast.

I got about halfway to work when out of nowhere a huge hailstorm broke out, and I was pelted with thousands of little ice pellets. Of course I was riding against the intense wind also, so they were all hitting me in the face. I could barely see anything and had to ride one-handed whenever I could to block my face with my other hand. Ever had a sandstorm blow at you when you had wet legs? It stings like crazy. So does hail to the face.

Normally, I'd probably get super upset about this, but for whatever reason I was in a great mood, and even found myself laughing at my misfortune. When I got to work, I looked like a sickly wet puppy, hair blown askew and dripping all over my face. Not to mention my face was bright pink.

Today my awesomely awesome sister-in-law is going to drive me, cause I don't feel like being damp at work again. :)

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Krista said...

i can see it in my head! what an awful bike ride. but SO glad you found the humor in it!