So, I have a little bit of a beef with automatic stuff.

Faucets- You always look silly waving your hands around until you hit the sensor, and then they keep turning off while you're still soapy.
Soap dispensers- Can't seem to get the right amount. You either get way too much, or have to go back for a few more drops.
Paper towel dispensers- You have to do a little "Jedi mind trick" hand wave ten times to get enough paper to actually dry your hands, and soemtimes you just give up and use your jeans.
Toilets- Always scare the pants off me when I stand up and they go WHOOSH!! and you're afraid of getting sucked down.

Now one more thing has been added to the auto-bathroom collection. What else is there, you say?

Yep, that's right. These days the human race is so unbelievably lazy that we don't even need to overdo ourselves by grabbing a handful of TP after doing our business. Just hold your hand under the dispenser, and out it comes, with a nice little whirring sound. I was pretty surprised when I first discovered this phenomenon on campus, and couldn't really believe that BYU was actually putting money into auto-TP dispensers instead of other, more important things. Really.

One unfortunate factor of said TP dispenser is the noise. A girl a few stalls over from me obviously needed quite a lot of TP, as the infamous whirring gave her away. I don't want people knowing how much I'm using- awkward!

Nate decided that the next invention will probably be a little automatic hand and does the dirty work for you! Oh the luxuries of technology...


The Clingo Family said...

oh my goodness!! that's so crazy! how lazy are we?? this definitely makes me think that one day our world is going to be like the one in the movie Wall-e!

Krista said...

amen. i TOTALLY agree. How bout when NONE of the water dispensers work and then you don't even get to wash. Sick.

Beth said...

I thought of Wall-e too! So true.

Chase & Cait said...

I actually am down with automatic T.P. dispensers. It is probably a lot more sanitary than having stupids put their pooey hands all over the T.P. machine trying to get the dang stuff out. If they dispense a small amount, even better because then we wont be so wasteful!

But I have yet to see one sadly.