As many of you know, I ride my bike to school and work every day. And because Utah drivers are scary and dumb (I've nearly been hit multiple times just trying to cross the street in the crosswalk) I choose not to ride in the bike lane on the street, but rather on the safety of the sidewalk. Now, I try to be a courteous biker, giving people on the sidewalk as much room as possible and not rushing past them so fast they're afraid I'll bowl them over.


Utah pedestrians might just be more stupid than the drivers. Or at least more annoying.

Reason 1: Everyone and their mom is plugged into some form of music that is blasting their eardrums so hard, they don't hear me yell "on the left!" and I have to slam on my brakes or ride through nasty thorny grass to get around them. Thorns = popped tires. Turn it down a little, eh?
Reason 2: Even when people aren't plugged into earphones, they don't know what to do when a bike comes up behind them. It's simple. When you hear "on your left" or "on your right" GET OUT OF THE WAY. It's a pain in the rear to have to slam on my brakes and then restart when I've already got good momentum going.
Reason 3: People don't know left from right. The pedestrians who have actually tried to get out of my way often tend to move TO the left when I say "on the left" rather than to the right. And that's just dangerous. If I'm coming up on the left, it means you move to the right. It's that simple.

Stupid pedestrians.

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MeganandClaudy said...

How did it go with Heritage Court refunding you your cleaning money?

Also, literally just the other day I was telling Claudy, I wish bikers used the sidewalk instead of the biking lane because I always get too nervous driving beside them, and they somehow always think that the bikers lane means please take up the entire road. Bless you for using the sidewalk!!!