Well, November has passed, and with it Thanksgiving and the time I had to see my family. I am back in Utah, and trying not to be too depressed.

But California was awesome.

We arrived the evening of the 26th to an empty and dark house (it was only 4:30!) and were slightly dismayed at the homecoming. It was ok though, cause then we had some time to rest after the 11 hour drive, and were able to unload all of our things. Turns out Chase & Cait were actually home, though they had been sleeping...

Thursday of course, was a very busy day. First, in the morning, we had all the young relatives over for our annual Christmas cookie decorating party. Yes, it was a little earlier than usual, but that is because we actually had people in town, whereas for Christmas, the usual numbers will be much smaller. We made about a gazillion batches of sugar cookies, and some were decorated very nicely, while others were not so appetizing. Then we served them to everyone that night at Thanksgiving dinner.

"Twas the Night before Thanksgiving" was read, with everyone's favorite adjustments. (Hi Douglas! Hi Natalie! Hi Bethie and Nate! Hi Allison! Hi Rachel! Hi Chasie and Cait!) And there was of course, lots and lots of food, though I could barely finish my first plate, due to overstuffing during the cookie party. Luckily there is always room for mom's delicious fudge.

Basically the whole time we were in California, there was much hanging out with the cousins and other rellies. Dad got his early Christmas present: a brand new, custom-built bicycle put together by my awesome husband, and now my dad's favorite son-in-law (he said so himself). Of course, because of the new bike, there were also a few biking excursions, though sadly on the second one, my dad crashed pretty badly and broke his foot. Now he has to wait even longer to get to play with his new toy again! Poor daddy. :( I think Nate's still the favorite though.

We also got to see my sister's first sonogram of her baby. We decided it looked like some sort of cross between a hamster and a wombat. I guess we all did at around 7 weeks old...

I also went to see Twilight with Rachel and Yara, and was... well, not really disappointed, because I didn't have very high expectaions, but I was pretty surprised at how BAD the movie was. Yeah, it was low-budget, but that wasn't the problem, cause it was fairly well-made. The problem was the acting! Horrible, horrible. It's a shame, because it really could have been a good movie.

Nate and I drove home last night, and got in sometime around 12:30am. We crashed into bed and I slept through my class. Now it's back to boring, cold Utah life... at least I'm done with the semester on the 15th, and will get a full 3 weeks before the next one!

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