"Strawberry Fields" my Hiney!

So, I bought this yummy-looking, healthy cereal the other day, thinking that well, it would be yummy and healthy. I mean, just look at the box! Bursting with berry-deliciousness, right?


Upon pouring my first bowl of this cereal, I was quite disappointed. Not only are the flakes just plain blechy, but you get about one icky dried strawberry per bowl. Pretty pathetic! That filthy box is so deceiving!

Here's what you really get. Sad day.

So, before you are deceived by this appealing box of cereal, think twice. And if you want a GOOD healthy and fruity cereal, I recommend Total Cranberry Crunch. You actually get some honey-rific clusters and cranberry goodness in EVERY bite.

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The Clingo Family said...

haha bummer! Honey Bunches of Oates with Strawberries is really good! and there is always a lot of strawberries :)