Giving Thanks

So, since it's now November, I think it would be fitting to try and write a post about something I'm thankful for every day.
...Or close to every day.

Today I am thankful that my sis is going to add a new little person to our family. He or she is no doubt going to be stinkin' adorable.
And I'm thankful that I have a wonderful husband who spoils me for no reason (he just bought me a Nintendo 64! haha, awesome.)
And I'm thankful that I saved all the info that proves I actually paid the $105 that my old landlady took out of our deposit cause we "didn't pay it," so now we can make them give it back to us.
And I'm thankful for beautiful flowers (also given to me from the hubby).
AND I'm thankful that the girls in my new ward are so welcoming and wonderful and I can't wait to make them all my friends.


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