Babies and Drag Queens

No, I really don't think that living at Wymount is going to make me want a baby any sooner. No offense to any of my friends or family with kids, pregnant, or trying to get pregnant- I love children. I just know I personally am not ready for one of my own. I think I'm too immature.

Why, you ask?

Yesterday at work, a woman came through my checkstand with a snotty-nosed, crying little baby sitting in the cart. I know the poor thing had no control over its nose-runnage, but still. When its going down their neck, can't mommy wipe it off?? Anyway. I picked up the woman's items one at a time and scanned them into the register as usual. It wasn't until I got to of the last items, a bag of Chips Ahoy, that I became thoroughly disgusted by the tiny excuse of a person accompanying this woman. Upon lifting said cookies, a large, brownish-red string of slimey goo came with it, nearly landing on my bare hands. Under the cookies was an amazingly large puddle of brownish-red snot. I nearly gagged. Apparently, Snot-baby had been holding these cookies, and lovingly slimed all over them. Blegh! Even the child's own mother was grossed out, and opted out of buying the cookies! And then, while trying to keep the last couple items out of the snot, she was successful in landing some things in it anyway. I seriously have never seen so much goop at one time. I was SO grossed out, and felt sorry for the next woman in line, whose food was also dangerously close to the mess. After the mother and child left, I doused my entire checkstand with Windex, washed my hands three times in Purell, and tried not to think of what I had just witnessed.

I am indeed too immature for a little snotbag of my own. (but ya gotta love 'em, right?)

In other news..
A drag queen also came through my line yesterday. He was a rather large man, I'd say 6 feet, and not exactly skinny. Why are drag queens always so non-feminine looking?? Anyway, he had on quite the display of makeup, including mascara, eyeliner, shimmering eyeshadow, and specs of glitter all over his face. He also had bracelets covering the lower half of each arm. I have to say, I was caught off-guard, but also kind of excited. How often do you get to see a drag queen in Provo?? I just wish he'd been wearing a dress.


The Clingo Family said...

that sounds uhhh..really gross. and by the way i need to call you and tell you about someone/somethign but i keep forgetting!

Chase & Cait said...

I can't believe you got excited over seeing a drag queen. thats kinda funny. When I lived south of campus with Laura we had a crack dealer live next door and it was also kinda exciting.