San Diego!

[Warning: This is going to be long.]

Nate & I just got back to Provo after a short visit to San Diego, California. We went back to spend a few days with my family, since we wont get to see them again until Thanksgiving. It was quite an eventful trip!

On Sunday morning we dragged ourselves out of bed at the unsightly hour of o'dark thirty (ie, 5:00) and hurried to the airport to catch our 7am flight. We arrived in San Diego at 9am and spent the day relaxing at home. I spent a lot of time reading a book, and Nate & Dad watched some tv. We played with Sunny too, our spastic german shepherd puppy. And there was quite a bit of playing Stratego, one of the greatest board games in history.

Later, mom had me pick peaches, and I brought in six grocery bags full, just from one tree! There were peaches everywhere. Mom decided she would have to make a peach pie, and then some peach preserves. She peeled peaches for a long time. This picture doesn't even show all of them. They were delicious, but after a few days of being told to eat peaches before they went bad, we started to get a little sick of them...

Later that night Grandma, Doug, and his wife Natalie came over for a delicious steak dinner, and we had peach pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. yum!

The next day, Monday, we went to visit the 'Cloyd Girls' at their house for a little while just to kill some time, and then there was more reading, tv-ing, and computer-ing. It was SO nice just to relax and not worry about work! Especially Nate, whose job is pretty demanding. He loved the chance to rest. We also picked my mom up from work to go to Rubio's for lunch, and it was sooo tasty! I miss Rubio's, but there's one in Salt Lake, so that's good.

Later that evening, around 7:00, Nate was on the phone with his mom and I was reading when my dad came in from the sideyard and called our neighbor to tell him he had a broken pipe that was leaking. The neighbor thanked him, and my dad went back outside to take out the trash. A few minutes later, he came in and told us to start filling up as many pitchers with water as we could, and to fill the bathtub as well. Huh?

Apparently the "broken pipe" was actually a broken water main which was above our house, causing water to pour down the bank in our backyard, and on into the street below. The city workers were going to have to turn off the water for the entire neighborhood, and we didn't know how long it would be off. So we obediently did as asked, though we actually had running water well into the night, because the workers couldn't find the place to turn it off for quite a few hours. They even had to rip out a bunch of ugly, dead palm trees to get to it, and our neighbor was actually very pleased about that.

Meanwhile, we had all our cousins over for brownies and ice cream, just as an excuse to get together. It was fun, and I'm glad our water was still working. It didn't get turned off until after we went to bed, and in the morning it was fixed.

The next day was Tuesday, and that was our most eventful day yet! My Uncle David recently boat a new sailboat, the Lady Max, and we were invited to go sailing with him for the day. There were about 12 people, including David, my cousins Zack and Rachel, and some friends of David's. His girlfriend (Max) and her two small dogs were also aboard. The most "exciting" thing about the trip was probably when the stupid little white dog decided to poop on my lap. At least it was on my bathing suit, and I had a change of clothes... After many hours out on the water we finally docked and then went to the San Diego Yacht Club for dinner.

Uncle David steering with Wiley in his lap.
My hot husband.
Rachel with the stinky dogs, Wiley & Shekki.
Between the sails.
Nate at the helm.

Wednesday was our last day in California.We made it another lazy one, and just hung out at home until lunch time, when we went out with Mom again. Then we saw my aunt's new house, and I squeezed in a quick nap before leaving for the airport at about 5:30pm. We got back to Provo after midnight, and we both crashed immediately upon laying down. I'm happy to be back in our little apartment, even though I'm still homesick for California. Our next adventure: Houseboating in Virginia!


Chase & Cait said...

Aww! I am jealous of the peaches. how I love them so.

What kind of lame retard-o dog poops in someone's lap? thats what i want to know. usually they're smarter than that.

Rachel said...

San Diego is so Beautiful... but so is Virginia!
Can't wait till you get to VA and we'll see if we can convince you to want to live here =) hehe

MeganandClaudy said...

fresh California peaches??!!! JEALOUS.

MeganandClaudy said...
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The Clingo Family said...

haha! i dont know what to post about, nothing exciting has been happening! i think my next one will be about us moving :)but dont stop looking!!