Nate da' Great

Beth really wanted me to write on the "blog". I'm not really sure how I feel about blogging... but whatever. And first off, what a weird word... blog...
It's nice to done with this semester of school, I had some pretty demanding classes. I took Anatomy and Chemistry, as well as working full-time, so it's great to have a break for the summer. It's starting to get nice out here in Utah, all the leaves are coming out, there's not three feet of snow I have to trudge through to get to my car... and best part of all, biking season is kicking up!
I have my first race coming up on June first, so I have a little over a month left to train and get ready. Anybody that knows me will know that I'm completely addicted to mountain biking. I don't know how Beth puts up with me and all the bikes and bike stuff I have crammed into our little apartment. But, she's patient and she really wants me to do what I love. And she also knows that after a long day at work/school, biking is the best way for me to relieve stress!
I currently have two bikes, a Banshee Chaparral and a Transition Blindside. I had another one, but about two weeks ago I broke it in half. Oops. The company should be sending me out a new frame within the next weeks. I currently have a few sponsors, one of which is my friends bike shop that he opened in Orem in December, Urban Downfall Cycles (check them out!).
I don't do much besides riding my bike and hanging out with my loverly wife, Beth. And that's pretty much me, I'm kind of boring! But, I'll post some videos (of my 25footer at moab) and other pics of my riding just for fun.

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Chase said...

That is some wicked stuff, stop being all humble about it all. You got to talk it up and make the entire blogging world know how cool it is. We need to know some exagerated details about how your bike exploded.