I Have Returned! ...with a DMV Rant.

Dear Lady at the DMV with Whom I Spoke on the Phone:

When I called and asked your hours, I was debating whether I had time to come in and renew my license before putting my baby down for a nap. Because you're only 3 minutes from my house and you open at 7:00 (it was almost 8), I figured I'd give it a shot. After gathering the necessary documents and getting myself and said baby ready in record-breaking time, I hopped in the car with high hopes that this would be done in less than an hour, because in the past, mornings at the DMV have been less-busy than afternoons.

Now, I also usually try to be extra nice to people at the DMV because I know how crappy it can be to deal with grouchy customers all day, and the DMV is pretty notorious for being, well, Hated. However, when I arrived at an empty building with a sign taped to the door telling me you had relocated to a different place 15 minutes away, I was pretty freaking annoyed. And I didn't even have to set foot in your office!

Seriously?? This information is not updated on the internet either. You couldn't have just mentioned to me that you had moved when we spoke? "Oh, BY THE WAY, did you know we've moved to a new office?" How HARD would that be? Especially if it was a recent enough move that your information hasn't been updated online and there's still a sign taped to your freaking door?? Because a 30-minute roundtrip drive is a whole 'nother ballgame when you have a baby who will need a nap soon.

Frustrated at my failed efforts, I buckled my son (who I had dragged out into the cold for a pointless 6-minute cruise) back into his carseat and drove home. Perhaps I will try again on Monday. I'll be the one waiting at the door with my baby no later than 7:15. And I'll still be nice... but I will definitely mention how much easier it would have been if you had told me you had moved. Ever heard of common courtesy, or even common sense?

Thanks for wasting my time.

[Yes, I know this is probably an overreaction. Maybe she normally tells people they moved but just happened to forget this one time. But also, maybe she's just stupid. It's my blog and I can rant if I want to.]

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Cait said...

I hate the DMV. I feel like you can't have an IQ over 100 and work there. They must screen for that in the interviews.