We Meet Again

Well hello there, blog friends!

I don’t know how all you “Mommy Bloggers” do it. I only have one child, and I can hardly make time to sit down and type out a blog post. It’s been 9 weeks since he was born and I’ve only written once! Perhaps its because I only have one child- I haven’t quite figured it all out just yet. Also, he gives me a little trouble with naptime during the day, so that’s a big part of it. Luckily he’s napping now, and I am cramming in some cereal and a quick post hopefully before he wakes back up.

And he’s awake.

I was just about to pour milk on my cereal. Glad I heard him before doing that, or I’d have some soggy cheerios.


Ok, I think we’re safe. Keeping my fingers crossed though! You know babies have a super power where they know the exact most inconvenient time to wake up and cry, like right after you put milk on your cheerios, or right when you finish making your sandwich for lunch. Or when you really have to pee. Luckily they can usually wait a couple minutes.

The other day Tommy kept refusing to nap, so I tied him to myself in a sling, hoping to get something done. After struggling with the stupid 5 yards of fabric for 5 minutes, as soon as I got him all tied down- he pooped. I’m telling you, they know.

Anyway! Life has been good and crazy. Since the last post, we’ve moved to Manhattan, Kansas and Nate has started his graduate research in Agronomy at Kansas State University. It’s going pretty well so far- he has already started writing his thesis. The best part for me is that he’s home in the mornings when Tommy’s up, so he takes him after I feed him to let me shower, and then he’s back early in the afternoon so we get to have him in the evenings too. It’s SO helpful and so nice to have his company! We always used to work at such different times that we almost only saw each other in passing, it seemed.

It was bittersweet to leave Virginia. Being at home with my parents was actually a lot easier than I originally expected it to be, and I really enjoyed being with them. Plus, they were super helpful with Tommy- my mom really is the Baby Whisperer. She and Tommy are best buds. I’m pretty sure he misses her. Just the other day I called her because he was in a happy, chatty mood, and I wanted her to hear him talk. As soon as he heard her voice he burst into tears! I like to think it’s because he misses her.

Being away from them is hard sometimes, but it’s also really nice to be back in our own little place as our own family unit. And it’s nice to have more than just a bedroom for all the stuff we own! We even have a dining room for the first time! And a dishwasher. Ah, the joys of life.

And we’re only a couple hours away from my sister and my aunts, and we’ve already visited them twice! My almost-thirteen-year-old nephew is already 6 feet tall. I can’t get over it.

[Tangent: On the way to Yara’s last time, there was a small herd of ZEBRAS on the side of the road! Of course there are about a million and a half cows all over the plains here, but all the sudden there were Zebras! How random is that? We think maybe someone raises them for the circus? Who knows!]

Let’s see, what else is going on... Like I said, Tommy is 9 weeks old now. He had his 2-month appointment a few days ago, and his stats are:

Height: 23.5” 71st percentile
Weight: 12lbs 8oz, 69th percentile
Head Circumference: 37½ cm, 5th percentile.

Everyone thinks he's older than 2 months when they first meet him, because apparently he's a pretty big boy! Except for that little head- no, that’s not a typo for 50th- Tommy’s head really is a teeny little peanut in the 5th percentile. No giant Cloyd noggin over here! :)

He had to have two more shots and an oral vaccination too. Poor baby screamed his little peanut head off when they stuck him. He does not like shots. But who does??

Also, if you’ve seen the photos on Facebook, you know we went to the annual Wiener Dog Races out here, and it was awesome! It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Definitely going to go again next year. Then Tommy will be able to enjoy it too!

So there’s a quick little update. I’ll try to get back to blogging again more often!


KaycieQ said...

I cannot believe your nephew is six feet tall!! That is nuts! Have fun in Kansas :)

Cait said...

Look how happy he is!!!! So excited to see you guys this summer! Chase will probably drive up from Tejas, so we will have our own coche. =P Not sure the exact dates yet, but we'll get there.