Ok, so it's been a while since we had the ultrasound, but I'm finally going to write about it!

I was 22 weeks. Mom and Dad got to come with us, which was neat because my mom hasn't seen an ultrasound since she was pregnant with me! And apparently it's a lot more high-tech now than it was 25 years ago. I was so excited to get to see my little one squirming around and to find out the sex! Everyone in my family suspected it was a boy- I think that may just be because we all wanted it to be a boy- and we would have been shocked to find out it was a girl. But he's definitely a boy! And not a shy one, either. Some may be curious, but I'm not going to post his little-boy parts on the internet for the world to see. Just 'cause he's still in the womb doesn't mean he'd be ok with that! Here's his cute little face instead.

I was fascinated by the ultrasound- even to the point of considering becoming a tech myself! What a cool and interesting job. I was told they "look at everything," during the ultrasound, but I had no idea how literal that was. They really DO look at EVERYTHING. It was so awesome! They looked at his heart, lungs, spine, brain, kidneys, etc etc... And then they checked for his hands and feet, and made sure they could see all his fingers and toes. He's got ten of each! One of my favorite parts, and something I'll never forget, was while she was looking for his toes. He was holding his big toe in his little hand and wouldn't let go of it. It was pretty clear there was a toe in there, but I guess the tech has to actually see it to record it, so she kept jostling the wand around my belly, bouncing it to try and get him to let go. He's already pretty stubborn, because it took a minute. It was adorable. I didn't think of it till afterward, but I wish she had printed the photo of that. Oh well. Just seeing the baby move around makes everything way more real, but seeing him do something so.... human? baby-ish? as grabbing his big toe made it even more real than that. There is a little person in there! And he's going to have his own personality. I already love him.

He also kept kicking the lady's hand wherever she had the wand. What a little stinker!

Afterwards we called all immediate family members to tell them a little boy is on the way. Dorsey girls screamed - one may have even teared up a little - and everyone on my side said, "we knew it!" even though nobody really knew it. It was fun.


Cait said...

we knew it.

Ha! Love this. Didn;t know about the toe thing. That is awesome.

Elisabeth said...

The ultrasound is so much fun. I love getting to see the baby in so much detail, from the chambers of their heart to their profile.

Emily said...

Congratulations! During the ultrasounds that I have had I couldn't stop saying, "He's so cute!!!" And your sweet little baby is!