The Thing About My Family

...is that we are all so very different when it comes to religious and political beliefs. My sister recently commented on how many spiritual beliefs there really are in our family: Jewish, Mormon, Episcopalian, some Native American something-or-other, an "I believe in God but not in religion"... I don't actually even know all of them to list them.

But "the thing" about it is that regardless of our differences in beliefs and opinions, we all still love each other. A lot. And respect each other. And have tons of fun together.

I've wanted to write this post for a couple weeks, because Nate and I went on an [awesome] trip to California and I got to spend a week with my cousins that I rarely get to see anymore. And we are still as close as ever.

Because the differences can be overlooked. First and foremost, we are Family. (Insert music here.) And nothing can ever change that. And we know the value of being raised in a family that is tight-knit and that puts each other first. That looks out for each other, and takes care of each other. That can laugh together and enjoy life's awesome moments together. That can celebrate together- even different religious stepping stones. We went there for my niece's baby blessing, an ordinance we perform in the LDS church instead of infant baptism. In about a year, many of us will meet in Kansas for my nephew's Bar Mitzvah when he turns 13. And it will be great.

Being with my family in California really made me think about how awesome it is that we have always stayed so close, despite the differences. I am so pleased and proud to be part of such a diverse family that really knows how to love. I am a lucky girl.

On a more humorous note, please enjoy this video.

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Symantha said...

(Insert music here) love it.
This made me smile! And so do you!