Ask and ye shall Receive!

So, the whiney cell phone post was a result of the fact that Nate's phone died a terrible, painful death, and he needed a new one. However, he thinks phones are stupid and useless, because he is not a very big fan of texting, and that's all anyone does these days. [His favorite is when he gets a million of those stupid "HAPPY [WHATEVER] DAY!!" texts from a hundred people with no lives. He hates them with a passion. If you are on of the said offenders- stoppit.]

Anyway. I was annoyed that he was annoyed that he HAD to get a new phone. Because I want one! I don't know why its so important to me (ok, I do- I want to text my friends whenever I darn well feel like it), but I do! So we worked out a solution.

The cell phone is now "mostly MY" cell phone. Instead of it being "Nate's," it is now shared. That way we both sort of have one, and don't have to pay for a second one for just me. Yay! I am going to be the main carrier of the phone because they annoy him and I want it. So friends- call me, text me, whatever! And I will actually be able to respond, too. (If I don't right away, remember that Nate might have the phone... but don't worry, I'll get back to you soon.)

Yay! phone. :D


Alison said...

Yay! Congratulations! :)

Symantha said...

YES. This is good for me too hehe. But I am happy for you. If someone took away my cell phone... grrrrr


Yara said...

Yay! Same phone number?

Idiosyncrasy, ''Mad as a hatter'' said...

OMG i just want and need a new mobile to..... no seriously mine is falling apart .. i has duck tape at the back of it holding the battery together. lol