Life is Good.

All right, I'm back. Sorry about the grumpies earlier... but I wrote two long posts and only had one comment! Don't tell me you wouldn't be disappointed. I'm still sad that nobody wrote anything about my trip to Costa Rica, too...

I also haven't been posting because I feel like nothing exciting or different ever happens to me, so you get to read the same things over and over again, hence the lack of commenting, I'm sure. Oh well!

Life is good.
Work is good- both jobs. I get more comfortable at JoAnn's every day. I get to work my first Black Friday this week, and I'm not exactly looking forward to it. I hope I don't get trampled to death by crazy Mormon crafter ladies fighting over the last Bedazzler.

There is some exciting news for me though... I get to go to California in less than a month!! I haven't gone back home for almost 2 years, and it's terribly depressing. So I can't wait. We're going for Nate's brother's wedding reception in LA, and I get to hang out with my family the rest of the time. It will be short, but I'm looking forward to seeing my cousins and grandma SO much.

Then the Dorsey clan will be out here with us for Nate's birthday and Christmas, which will be a really nice treat. They're coming all the way from Costa Rica, and Nate hasn't spent his birthday with them for about 5 years now.

Speaking of Christmas, I just decorated yesterday and I'm in such a good mood! I love the holidays for that reason- I feel like you can never be sad when you have colorful lights on and Bing Crosby playing in the background. Nate and I are going to read A Christmas Carol this year too, starting on Thanksgiving.

I have been doing a few crafts- mostly some little Christmas cross-stitches to hang on our tree (that will go up on Friday), and a few things out of Sculpey. I plan to make a nativity for us because we don't have one yet, and once it's done I'll post pictures. Here are a couple of some of our decorations. (I love snowmen!)


Symantha said...

I like your decorations. Nice photography skills!

My security word is borin' so I don't if that's sending a message or what. Haha just kidding.

Kaycie Q said...

aww mr. grumpy gills...:)

Yara said...

I had to work several Black Fridays at Robinson's (years ago). It was awful. When I checked the dressing rooms (when I was able to get away from a register for a moment), there would be piles of clothes on the floors in the rooms. Piles. Not hung up, not even turned right side out. Piles. It was disgusting.