Catch-up Day! What I've Been Up To

Hello my long-lost blog-reading friends!
I haven't posted in so long that I will try to use lots of short paragraphs so as not to overwhelm you with text.

In the end of August I got a second job working at JoAnn's. As you may have read, I was sometimes working up to 55 hours a week, and thought I was going to die. After wondering whether I should quit one of my jobs, and trying to decide which would go, I ended up telling my boss at JoAnn's that I can't work more than 8 hours a week.

That way I get to stay with my friends at Allen's, but also get to keep my foot in the door at JoAnn's- and get to keep my discount, which is a huge plus.

In my new-found less busy schedule (it was only super busy for about a month, but it was killer), I have been doing some more crafts!

I made an adorable (if I may say so myself) shirt for my littlest niece for Halloween... pictures to come once my sister sends me one. I can't believe I forgot to take one!

I also made this blanket for my friend's baby, due to come any day now! She's a complete Texas cowgirl, and his nursery is western-themed, so I thought the horses fit. (Remember that fabric, Jessie? Thanks!)

 I also made this necklace for my little sister for her birthday. I haven't given it to her yet, so she might find out about it from this. Oh well. Happy birthday Leah!!

I think I'm going to make more in all different shapes, and sell them.

Also, I've been reading again. Always love me some Dean Koontz, and I'm currently in Deerskin by Robin McKinley. It's the retelling of an old french fairytale (thanks, Wiki) that never made it to Disney due to its somewhat disturbing content. :) But I recommend it.

Last night Nate and I joined with the wardies to watch the old Audrey Hepburn movie "Wait Until Dark." It's SO good! I saw it years ago with some girlfriends, and have been wanting to see it again since. If you need a suspenseful-and-not-actually-really-scary movie for Halloween, watch it!


The Clingo Family said...

Ok, so I have a lot to say...

Awesome fabric ;) glad someone got some use out of it!! That blanket really does look great. My little baby girl said she wants you to make her one too, with lots of purple in it! ;)

I'm so jealous that you have some free time to do crafty things, plus a sewing machine. AND I'm so jealous that you work at Joann's, PLUS the fact that you actually have a Joann's in your city!!

When you wrote that you made that necklace for your little sister, I quickly ran all the Shultz children through my head (quite confused) to find out who the little sister was...then I realized it was Nate's sister. haha. Oh..and an elephant one would be really cool... haha.

Anyways, I'm going to write you back on facebook :-)

Symantha said...

Cool! In 100 years when I'm finally married, you should make MY kids stuff. I seriously love the cowboy idea. I think I might steal it. muahaha.
BTW I'm so glad you're still at Allen's and that you will be for a while!!

allisoncloyd said...

I totally get the discount thing! Mom taught me how to use a sewing machine, so I'm trying to figure out how to make up an alternate identity so I can get a job at Joanns (that who competitor thing you know...:-P)

Francesca said...

Super cute blanket! Thanks for the movie recommendation. Can't wait til I can afford Netflix again!